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Aspen Lake Rake The "Aspen Lake Rake" is a revolutionary invention intended to supersede the "Rake on the rope". The rake is retailed as standard with a 28" wide head and a 30' sectional handle. The handle can be extended by adding 3' sections and has been successfully tested up to 100' long. » Read more

Getting Started - Specimen Tench This series of articles is aimed at the keen tench angler who is considering pursuing larger specimens. You will probably have captured fish up to 5lb and are now considering tackling something a little more serious. » Read more

Gravel Pit Spring Tench Fishing Although traditionally estate lakes and slow running canals and rivers come to mind for tench fishing, these days you cannot afford to ignore the gravel pits. These venues are numerous and do tend to hold the bigger fish. In fact many fish over ten pounds come from these waters as indeed does the current record of 15lb 3oz. (captured in 2001).

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Sywell Reservoir An Edwardian Reservoir situated between Northampton and Wellingborough, close to the villages of Sywell and Earls Barton, a short distance off the A4500 and now recognised as one of the leading tench fisheries in the country. » Read more

Tench Baits Most anglers appreciate that just about any bait will capture tench as they have a pretty catholic taste when it comes to their diets. Classically these fish were often captured on lobworm, brandling or breadpaste (often flavoured with aniseed or custard powder).
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Tenchfishers Merchandise View Available Merchandise and download an order form.
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The Chub Study Group The Chub Study Group (C.S.G.) is a small friendly group of specialist anglers dedicated to the pursuit and study of Chub.
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The Perchfishers The Perchfishers are a relatively small, friendly group of 60+ Perch anglers and specimen hunters.
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David Miller Angling & Wildlife Art David Miller is an angler, diver and bird watcher who specialises in paintings of game, sea and coarse fish underwater.
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