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Gravel Pit Spring Tench Fishing

Gravel Pit Fishing For Tench (Part 1/2)

Pits Versus Traditional Venues

Although traditionally estate lakes and slow running canals and rivers come to mind for tench fishing, these days you cannot afford to ignore the gravel pits. These venues are numerous and do tend to hold the bigger fish. In fact many fish over ten pounds come from these waters as indeed does the current record of 15lb 3oz. (captured in 2001).

If most of your tenching has been done on traditional venues then the gravel pits may at first seem to be quite daunting. Many at first glance appear featureless (although in reality this is often a false impression) and quite vast in comparison. In the Home Counties some old pits are up to 300 acres in size and more like inland seas than fishing venues. Hence initial impressions can be quite discouraging.

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Further chapters include:

  • Selecting Your Water
  • Productive Spots
  • Accuracy Counts
  • Pit Methods
  • Location
  • Pit Tackle
  • Baits
  • Pit Feeding Times
  • Getting Help
  • Choosing A Venue

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