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Sywell Reservoir


An Edwardian Reservoir situated between Northampton and Wellingborough, close to the villages of Sywell and Earls Barton, a short distance off the A4500 and now recognised as one of the leading Tench fisheries in the country. This water is available on day tickets, concession/evening tickets, 24hr tickets, 12 month season tickets and Winter Pike permits.

Tench to over 12lb have been caught at Sywell, although the average is around the 7lb mark. Sywell had a great year for specimen Tench during 2007 with more than 10 fish caught over the magic 10lbs weight. The fishery also contains Pike to over 30lb, Roach over 2lbs and a large number of Perch and Rudd.

Early season Tench fishing has many advantages such as less weed growth (allowing you to land the fish more easily even when using finer lines) and less natural food available to the fish which means a greater chance of your bait being picked up.

Getting A Ticket

Tickets are available 24/7 from the Rangers Office and must be purchased before commencement of fishing.

Ticket Prices

Day only ticket (Dawn to dusk) - 8.00
Concession ticket (Under 16's & disabled) - 4.00
Evening ticket (After 4.00pm until dusk) - 4.00
24hr ticket - 12.00
Concession Season ticket (36hr maximum stay*) - 50.00
Season ticket (36hr maximum stay*) - 100.00
Tenchfishers are entitled to a 10% discount on Season Tickets (on production of green membership card)
Winter Pike only permit (valid 1st Oct - 31st March) - 60.00
(* Stays over 36hrs by arrangement)


All anglers can park free of charge, but only if the parking section of the ticket is filled out correctly and put on display in the windscreen of their car.

Toilets and Visitor Centre

A toilet key is available for anglers fishing overnight.

The Visitor Centre now sells sandwiches, snacks and hot drinks. A mown path now follows the lake edge for easier access to swims.

Rules For Sywell Country Park

  • All fish must be returned alive
  • All anglers must have a valid rod licence
  • All anglers must be in possession of a valid ticket before commencing fishing (Available from the ranger's office)
  • Under 12s must be accompanied by an adult
  • No bait boats
  • No tents
  • Anglers are responsible for clearing all litter in their swim
  • Barbless hooks only (max size 8 for tench fishing)
  • Unhooking mats to be used by all anglers
  • Anti-tether leads and feeders only (e.g. sliding or break-away).
  • 1oz. max lead weights
  • No landing nets smaller than 30"
  • Keepnets for silverfish only. No tench or pike in keepnets
  • 2 rods max for tench fishing
  • Pike season 1st October - 31st March
  • Bite alarm volume must be kept to a minimum
  • No Livebaits
  • All Pike rigs must have a wire trace

Please check your rod licence carefully for Environment Agency rules.

General rules and by-laws for the park can be found on the notice board.

If you have any problems with other site users, or see people breaking fishery rules, please contact the rangers / bailiff on 01604 810970.

For up-to-date information on this Fishery please contact Geoff Power (Bailiff) on the above number.

The above rules are for the benefit of all park users. Please be sensible and enjoy your fishing.

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